Valley View Trust
Protect, preserve, & manage your wealth.

Trusts grow out of a well-developed estate plan, and a sound plan starts by sowing the right seeds.

That’s why at Valley View Trust, we start at the beginning–with you.
After we discuss your goals, we work with you and your legal and tax advisors to:
• plot today’s needs against tomorrow’s goals
• manage your risk and your taxes
• protect your assets from the unexpected
• transfer special assets, including real estate and oil, gas, and mineral rights
• plan the succession of your family business
• provide for loved ones with special needs
• mediate financial conflicts between beneficiaries
• control how your assets are distributed to the next generation or your
charities of choice

Then–and only then–do we create a custom trust solution, tailored to your goals and your wishes.

We follow that with day-to-day trust services to help you manage and grow your trust, so you can focus on what matters most.

Next Steps:
Speak with a trust advisor about your estate plan
Meet the experts
Sow your values into your estate plan
Evaluate your retirement plan

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